Navigate the Stars in Space with a Fun and Sleek iPhone App



This will be the best $2 you’ll ever spend on an app.

 There are very few things better than laying down on chilly ground and looking up into the dark skies, pointing out all the fun constellations. It’s hard to remember them all, as there are over 88 different ones, at least in Western astronomy.

 Enter in Sky Guide. While apps that help you navigate the skies and tell you what stars you’re looking at aren’t that new, this app gives you more than you bargained for. Not only can you point your phone up to the sky and see the names of the stars and constellations you’re looking at, you can play music by tapping on the stars on the map (the brighter the star, the higher the note and the larger the star, the higher the volume), get detailed information on the star, objects or constellations in question and scroll through the skies at your leisure.

 The app is gorgeously designed with the user in mind. An easy and modern interface makes it fun to play with, and will definitely enchant your children. Take the fun a bit further and the app can educate your children (and heck, even yourself!) on the stars and wonders in the sky.

 While the app is only available for the iOS at the moment, there are other apps like Google Sky Map for Android devices that will do the trick.

So do yourself a favor the next time you’re star-gazing. Get to know the hot masses above, and see if you can point out all the constellations in the sky.

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