RV Camping Vs. Tent Camping



RV Camping Vs. Tent Camping

When people picture a campout, it usually conjures up images of starry nights, crackling fires and sleeping outdoors, but with modern technology camping can just as easily be full of satellite TV and kitchens that double as bedrooms.  Though some may prefer one type over another, there are a few key differences between camping in an RV and pitching a tent that you might not have considered when trying to choose between them.  Thank goodness we’re here to help!

The Arr-Vee
All the comforts of home can follow you to the great outdoors with one of these bad boys, but more importantly it tends to be the best camping method that keeps the rain, sleet, and snow out of your sleeping bags and in the wild where it belongs.  Electricity, heat, and power mean perishable food can be kept fresh and ready to eat, and of course indoor bathrooms are just tops.  The biggest advantage to camping in an RV however has to be that it makes it possible for the whole family to try the camping experience.  Elderly relatives can enjoy a night around the camp fire without having to sleep on the unforgiving ground, and bringing multiple generations on a camping trip creates a laid-back bonding vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else.  It might not be roughing it, but we’re still enjoying it.

A Tent Poll
The vote is in.  With technology and chaotic, high-energy entertainment flashing at us from smartphones and computer screens, many people feel that the only solution is to get away.  But why bring an RV that’s just a miniature Best-Buy-on-wheels when that’s the very thing you’re trying to escape?  Enter the tent, mankind’s standard outdoor living venue.  It might seem primitive at first, just a few millimeters of canvas between you and nature, but that’s the point.  Chopping  fire wood build more character than cranking up the thermostat, cooking food over an open flame is more rewarding than a microwave and real sunsets are better than HD.   Indeed, camping outdoors has been shown to increase serotonin, reduce stress, and restore sleep cycles back to working order.  RV’s might be comfy, but tent camping brings us back down to earth when we’re normally stuck sharing photos in the cloud. 

Honestly with the pros and cons of tents and RV’s, it’s hard to really commit to a statement that says one form of camping is better than another, but RV-fans and Tenters alike do agree on something: camping is great.

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