Make Camping Your Next Romantic Getaway



1.    Careful Planning
Is your significant other experienced with the outdoors? Does he/she like outdoor activities, or is s/he more excited about relaxing in beautiful scenery? We suggest starting where you’re comfortable while incorporating exciting new ideas – this way both of you will be prepared for an adventure.

2.    Be Prepared
Remember to pack extra batteries, a tarp, comfortable layers and a water infiltration system – these are some of the most common complaints we hear from first-timers. Visit our list of Everything You Need (link to other blog post) before you go. Don’t let a silly mistake ruin a special time with your special someone.

3.    Plan for Bad Weather
Don’t rely on your weather app to keep you dry in a slew of rain. A great way to be prepared is packing polyester over cotton or nylon-based fabrics. Cotton absorbs water, so if it rains, your clothes will stay wet longer. Nylon expands in water, so the water is likely to stretch out your clothing, again, making them more difficult to dry.

Most importantly – enjoy the beauty of nature! Bring along your partner’s favorite meal to cook over the fire. Nothing tastes as sweet as a freshly cooked meal in the outdoors.

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