Everything You Need



We came up with a list of 7 clothing items to remember before you embark on your adventure:

  1. Backpack
    … And not a flimsy drawstring. You need something large and sturdy to carry heavier items like pots and pans, grill parts and food items.
  2. Hat or bandana
    Make sure to prepare for the sun. Long hikes on hot days can make or break your camping experience, especially if you develop a dry scalp.
  3. Hiking boots
    Large roots or slippery rocks are difficult to overcome in ordinary sneakers. Make sure to protect your ankles and support your legs with sturdy shoes to avoid slips and falls.
  4. Hiking socks
    Comfort is key when you’re on your feet all day long. Invest in a pair of tall and thick socks to avoid cutting your ankles.
  5. Quick-drying pants or shorts
    Perspiration – whether from your body or the weather – makes for an uncomfortable time in the outdoors. Make sure to pack a pair of these so you’re prepared for anything.
  6. Swimsuit
    For girls, a two-piece makes for an easy time to visit a hidden area in the woods (A.K.A. nature’s bathroom.) We recommend one that is easy to slip on or off.

Long Underwear
It gets very cold in the woods at night. Don’t forget to pack a pair of these – especially for young ones – to wear underneath other clothing for an added layer of warmth.

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