The One-Man Vessel: Kayaks Part 4




Here we are, campers!  The last entry of our blog series on kayaks!  So far we’ve covered nearly every type of kayak there is: recreational, sit-on-top, ocean, whitewater, inflatable, and folding.  Still, we couldn’t say that we’ve properly evaluated/explained the kayak without taking a look at those varieties that are made specifically for the sport enthusiast: fishing and military kayaks.  Nothing pretty or flashy here, just full-fledged functionality and purpose molded into a super-tough kayak form.  Dan you dig it?

Fishing Kayak: Angling for a better boat


Fishermen (and women) are a curious lot, where each one has their little tricks, rituals, habits, and even superstitions.  But when it comes to traveling on the water, more and more fishing folk are choosing a fishing kayak over the traditional motor boat.  These kayaks are specifically designed to hold everything from poles and nets to radar-based fish-finders and act as a very attractive alternative to motor-based craft, especially given the increased durability and lower cost of a kayak.  Fishing kayaks typically take advantage of using the sit-on-top or enclosed kayak design in order to maximize the use of space, though some higher-end models feature small towing attachments for a secondary dingy used for gear and other objects.  No matter the style however, fishing kayaks are unique in that they can be customized from the keel up to meet the needs of the buyer, even before they leave the factory!

Military Kayaks: Soldiers Only!


Before we wrap up our analysis of the many kayak models in existence, it’s only fitting that we mention the crème de la crème of performance kayaks: military models.  The ultra-quiet high-speed potential of the kayak on open water attracted the eyes of the military in World War II, especially the British Special Forces, and has continued to serve a role in the U.S. Navy SEALS and Special Forces teams to this day.  Made of composite metals and ultralight thermoplastic, military-grade kayaks are far beyond what the commercial manufacturing market can produce and are capable of launching from high altitude transport planes, helicopters or surfaced submarines.  Most models are capable of submerging below the waterline, creating low radar, infrared, acoustic and thermal signatures.  No question about it: these kayaks are not available at your local hobby shop, but it is still worth covering these heavy-duty kayaks for the simple reason that they’re out there somewhere! 

Sadly campers, this is the final entry in our blog series on kayaks and the many models on the market today.  But don’t despair!  We’ll be sure to visit the great sport of kayaking again in the future with more tips and tricks for experienced paddlers and newcomers alike.  Until then, here’s to enjoying the great outdoors!

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