Types of Camping Tents Part 4: Luxury Tents




Well campers, we’re sad to report that this is the last blog in our four-part series on camping tents, but because it’s our last entry on this subject we’re going to go out with style.  High-end style, in fact.  It’s true that most of us enjoy the rough and tumble of outdoor camping, but there are those camping enthusiasts out there that prefer a more lavish lifestyle (and have the money to support it).  These campers are the primary driving force behind an exclusive line of luxury tents, complete with all the amenities of a four-star hotel that just happens to be made of tent poles and fabric.  We’re not joking when we say that some of these tents will leave your mouths hanging wide open.  But then that’s part of their charm, eh?

Solar-Powered Tents

In the world of luxury camping it’s hard to classify different categories of tents due to the high level of customization, but solar-powered tents are in a league of their own.  The idea is that the nylon/polyester threads that make up the tent fabric are coated in a light-activated substance that harnesses the energy, then stores it battery cells that run the length of the tent seams.  It even has multidirectional shades that can be adjusted as needed to maximize the sunlight collection depending on the time of day.  Recharging your smartphone would be a breeze in this tent, as would any number of low-powered devices such as a GPS, digital camera or even a small air compressor.  Good luck finding these tents at your local sporting goods shop though, as few companies are even producing them and each one currently has to be custom built for the owner (and the wait list is huge).

Two-story Tents

No, we’re not joking!  For those who can afford it, it’s possible to get your very own two-story tent, complete with living quarters and storage!  Built by British tent manufacturer OLPRO, the two-story tent uses poles made from a unique aluminum/lithium alloy that is incredibly strong but light and thin enough to keep with tent camping’s ease of assembly and storage requirements.  The top floor has four “windows” with roll-back screens and comes equipped with an adjustable divider to section off areas of the upstairs.  The downstairs level has more sleeping areas and a large communal living area that has a retractable canopy built into the entrance to create a makeshift porch.  You can even purchase carpeting for an additional cost.  As if having two stories wasn’t enough, this tent is also made from a high-tech fabric known as OLIght, which changes color depending on the exterior light levels to maintain low light for sleeping and bright light for daily living.  How cool is that?!

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