Camping Flashlights Part 1: Mini-Lights




It’s impossible to overstate the importance of having a trusty, portable light source tucked away in your pocket, vehicle or backpack, especially when camping.  Hard-core campers and casual campers alike all know the value of a good flashlight, which is why it should be no surprise just how gadget-oriented flashlights have become, especially in recent years.  In this four-part series, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the types, lumens, cost, and just the reasons why you should carry some of the best flashlight varieties out there.  Hopefully by the end, we’ll have given you a new appreciation for carrying a torch on your camping journey!  Let’s get started!

Button-Cell Flashlights
Also known as keychain flashlights, the button-cell flashlight is one of the most common (and arguably the best) level of flashlight to purchase.  Powered by a few small watch batteries, these flashlights are very convenient in a tight spot when you unexpectedly find yourself faced with a task in the dark and need a little help.  They’re also extremely reasonable when it comes to price, usually not costing any more than $3 dollars for basic plastic versions and as much as $10 dollars for the high-quality varieties.  Be patient and you might even get one for free, as many companies order monogramed versions and give them away as promotional items!

AAA Battery Flashlights
If a button-cell flashlight is a bit too small for you, no worries: AAA is here!  Named after their power source, these AAA flashlights can have as much as 100 lumens (brightness units) under the hood, making them surprisingly bright for their size and yet are still capable of slipping easily into a shirt pocket or emergency kit.  Some AAA flashlights will even sit on your keychain just like a button-cell, albeit with a little more bulk.  Headband flashlights usually fall into this category and can be incredibly convenient for those moments when you need a hands-free portable light source.

AA Flashlights
Finally we’re taking a look at the supreme of the small, the AA flashlight.  These bad boys are still fairly small and portable, but are just big enough that they really won’t fit comfortably on your keychain.  The good news of course is that with an AA battery inside, these flashlights have about triple the capacity for both brightness and battery life!  With its bulkier size, designers usually are also able to add in a few extra features to these babies that make them much more versatile, such as miniature tripods, compasses, and other useful features.  Overall if you want portability and don’t want to sacrifice brightness, the AA flashlight is your miniature emergency savior!

Even if you have larger flashlights for bigger tasks, there are times where having a small glowing friend to tuck away in your pocket can save the day.  As a rule these flashlights are all fairly inexpensive, but If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, look for flashlights with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  Since emergency flashlights obviously don’t have nearly the constant use of their larger counterparts and can sit unused for long periods of time, using lithium-ion batteries keeps a full charge longer and makes for a much more reliable flashlight when it counts.  Stay tuned for more blogs on flashlights coming soon!

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