Flashlight Model Mania: Part 2




And we’re back!  Thanks for joining us again for another blog entry in our flashlight exposé where we take a look at the faithful companion of the flashlight and explore all of the different models, applications and varieties on the market today!  Last time we covered the basic-of-basic utility flashlight and the slightly-upgraded heavy-duty flashlight, both of which have their uses, but now we’d like to move on to the much more spectacular worker’s flashlight, tactical flashlight, and multipurpose flashlights.  Both of these flashlight models are the cream of the crop, but if you don’t believe us just read on.  You’ll change your mind by the end!

Worker’s Flashlight: The Tool for Every Job
Once you’ve tried the beautiful practicality of the worker’s flashlight, you really can’t go back to the cheap stuff.  Made of professional-quality plastic and/or aluminum housings, worker’s flashlights are built for continuous, everyday use and offer some of the least-compromising combinations of durability and affordability for the average consumer.  Most of these flashlights are water resistant and offer considerably higher lumen ratings than utility and heavy-duty flashlights, making them perfect for plumbing work, camping, boating, or any damp, dark place that needs some illumination while you work.  If there is a downside it’s that the higher output of these flashlights means battery life is about average, so it’s a good idea to power your flashlight with some rechargeable D or C-cell batteries that can be easily removed.  Bottom line:  Is it durable?  Yes indeed.

Tactical Flashlight
Portable, quality durability is where the tactical flashlight gets its charm, and even in the least expensive models you can find a flashlight that will handle a great deal of punishment and still keep on shining.  Largely inspired by (or made for) the military and law enforcement, tactial flashlights are almost always waterproof, shatterproof, and made of aircraft-grade aluminum.  Internally the components are made with high-quality solder connections and fittings that resist impact and provide strong circuit connections for long life of the flashlight itself.  Battery life varies depending on the design and bulb type, but will always outlast the other basic everyman flashlights on the market.  Cost-wise you will get what you pay for, meaning that as the price goes up you can generally expect to get a progressively-better flashlight in quality and features.  Investment and quality-wise, there’s no better choice than a tactical flashlight for tight spots.

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