Hydration Help Part 1: Watery Fruits



Everyone knows that drinking a tall glass of H2O is the best way to stay hydrated, but since fresh water sources aren’t available on the trail, your stomach can help!  Well…more specifically the stuff you put IN your stomach; eating certain types of foods can naturally increase your body’s absorption of water, helping you stay hydrated.  Eat a few of these easy-to-find foods to help beat the heat!

  1. Watermelon
    1. It may be a bit of a misnomer, but as watermelon contains 92% water by weight, it’s a safe bet that eating this lovely fruit will have your hitting your daily hydro intake without filling up your water bottle.  More importantly though the calcium, salt, and magnesium present in watermelon helps regulate the body’s consumption of water, meaning you stay hydrated more efficiently.  Storage can be a bit of a problem, but that doesn’t mean watermelons aren’t the perfect summer treat to beat the heat!
  2. Strawberries
    1. That sweet-and-juicy taste of nature’s red ruby is one of the best fruits to both satisfy your sugar craving and stay hydrated at the same time.  By weight a strawberry is about 91% water, making it the Hydro King of the berry world.  Besides being filled with water, strawberries also are filled with Vitamin C and contain plenty of fiber, making it the perfect immune system booster to fend off illness.
  3. Cantaloupe
    1. Coming in at respectable 90% water by weight is the cantaloupe, that orange-colored mildly-sweet melon we all know and love.  Although grapefruits technically come in at 91% water, cantaloupes come in at third place on our list of hydrating fruits because of the number of total health benefits they provide.  Cantaloupes provide high beta-carotene, antioxidants, potassium, fiber, and choline ( a nutrient recently discovered to be responsible for nerve impulse transmission, memory, sleep, and learning).
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