Fall Fun Part 2: Preventing Pitfalls!



fall fun

In our last blog we talked about how incredibly amazing it is to go camping in the Fall, and while we still stand by our declaration, it’s also important to keep a good head on your shoulders.  Fall brings with it new dangers in the wilderness, and if you want to maximize your camping fun, we’ll help you stay alert!

Watch the Skies
Summertime means that the risk of a sudden shower is more annoying than dangerous, but Fall’s weather is much closer to winter than most people think.  Freak snowstorms are not uncommon out on the trails, especially in the mountains, and then there’s the wind; cold fronts coming down from Canada can cause huge wind squalls, even when the skies are clear.  Tie down those tents and tarps, and of course always be prepared for snowy weather!

Watch for Wildlife
Winter is coming, and that means animals are going to be preparing for the cold with a vengeance.  Bears and other wildlife will overcome fear of humans in their search for food, moving into campsites and even approaching sleeping campers out in the wilderness.  Take extra care to keep your containers sealed and all garbage and foodstuffs secured, especially at night.

Watch the Sun
Fall means shorter days and longer nights, and that means daylight will vanish much more quickly than most summertime campers are used to.  To prevent the dark from sneaking up on you, make sure all outdoor activities are wrapped up by about 5:00 PM, and make sure you’ve made camp by at least 6:00 PM.  And for those campers prowling the mountains, sunset is even earlier!

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