Fall Fun Part 3: Upgrading your Kit



fall fun

For those campers that laugh in the face of Fall, it’s a time for cool days, colorful hikes and long-sleeves.  More importantly, it’s time to trade your summer gear for autumn equipment!  Hiking backpacks and electronics aside, most of what campers use on the trail in warmer, drier seasons isn’t up to the task come fall.  Trust us: as autumn approaches, keep these tips in mind when summer supplies just won’t cut it anymore!

Sleeping Gear
Many sleeping bag companies claim that they are insulated to temperatures below freezing, but that doesn’t mean that they’re waterproof in cold climates!  Water gets into the lining of the fabric and penetrates the insulation of “summer” sleeping bags, absorbing your body heat and making you cold despite any insulation.  Trade in your summer sleeper for a true winter sleeping bag and you’ll be happy you did!

Wearable Gear
The cold temperatures may make hiking a breeze, but sometimes that breeze cuts right through even multiple layers of spring and summer clothing.  Make sure you carry a few garments that are waterproof or if that’s not possible, stash a wind-breaker or rain slicker in with your other gear just in case.  Sudden snowstorms or autumn rains won’t catch you unawares if you come prepared!

Foot Gear
This one is almost self-explanatory, but where in summer it’s possible to get away with a pair of cross-country sneakers, Fall is the time of year to transition to something sturdier.  Moisture and fallen leaves can turn even a flat, level surface into a slippery nightmare, especially if hikers and campers only have shoes at their disposal.  Wearing a pair of waterproof, insulated boots or high-quality hiking shoes means you’ll keep your footing when it counts, no matter what conditions you meet.

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