Fall Fun Part 4: Enhance Your Camping Experience!



fall fun

We’ve spent the last few years regaling you with stories, testimonials and good old common-sense reasons for how camping is just plain fun, but why settle for only having fun at the camp site?  The saying goes that it’s not the destination that matters but rather the journey, and while we are incredibly proud of how great our campsite can be, we still want to make sure our campers make the best memories possible!  Hopefully if you try out some of these ideas to enhance your camp-traveling experience you’ll be that much more likely to come back again!

  1. Pre-Plan your route
    1. Fun and fantastic camping awaits at the end of the road, but along the way it’s just as important to keep the excitement as high as it can be!  Rather than follow the more direct route to the campsite, do some research and see what attractions are available along the way to spice things up.  Restaurants, natural wonders or even convenience stores to resupply make great pit-stops and photo opportunities, plus it’s a whole lot of fun to simply pour over a map with your traveling companions and highlight your adventures!
  2. Contact the locals
    1. Besides planning and researching those great experiences for your trip, don’t underestimate the value of getting in touch with the locals in the area for some tips and home-grown advice.  Restaurants off the beaten path or which hiking trails are the best can only come from those people that know the territory, same goes for getting the inside scoop on local weather patterns and wildlife.  Most of the time the campsites themselves have visitor centers that are eager to help, but feel free to check with camping supply stores and local park authorities too.
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