Finding Warmth in Winter #3: Sparking Resolve Before January First




Cheers! This week you've got Christmas leftovers, Hanukah latkes, family dinners, New Year's toasts, lazy afternoons, and access to enough food to send you into hibernation.

Next week you've got clean breaks, fresh starts, work obligations, time crunches, goals to meet, and resolutions to uphold. Let's get these two weeks working together, rather than locking horns. Here's our guide to getting a "running start" toward successful resolutions, without skimping on fun this week.

Drink water, eat fiber. Both water and fiber-rich foods can battle holiday bloat. To accomplish both at once, try water-rich vegetables such as zucchini and cucumber. And to warm up with stomach-soothing hydration, try peppermint tea.

Linger over meals. You read that right! Take advantage of the more relaxed pace of holiday week by eating socially, and slowly. Help yourself to cookies -- and enjoy each bite. When you savor each bite as much as you savor the people around you, you will feel fuller much much so, that three cookies (instead of seven) will do the trick.

Freeze some grapes. They're the perfect (water-filled) snack to pop while you're cuddling on the couch, watching TV. (Other ideas: plain popcorn, sliced strawberries, hummus and black-bean chips.)

Get enough sleep. Even when you're out to dinner or a party, block off eight hours for shut-eye. You'll have less incentive to nosh late at night and sharper focus in the morning. Which brings us to our fifth suggestion.

Get moving every day. Power through the food coma; you'll feel better almost instantly. From a 15-minute walk after a big meal to a family hike outdoors, staying active helps body, mind, and soul feel satisfied—not sluggish.

Don't skip meals! It messes with your metabolism and sets you up for more overeating. If you indulged to much at lunch or dinner, it's okay. Make the next meal "green and clean": lean protein, fish, vegetables, fruits, to keep your energy up and your willpower strong.

Eat with your non-dominant hand. Strange, but true! Check out this article from Dr. Oz:

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