Blimey Boat Regatta

Ahoy mates, pirates and princesses! This weekend is loaded with more fun than you can shake a peg leg at. And It’s been said that Black Beard and his pirate crew hid their gold on the shores of Pine Haven this weekend, turn them into the office for a special little bag of loot! Ahoy, me Hearties! Put your building skills to the test…using only cardboard/duct tape. Sink or sail during our 9th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta races (one for Kids and one for Adults) Saturday afternoon! Pick up rules & instructions in the office. Plan on attending Adult Bingo Saturday night for a chance at all the booty! Sunday morning bingo will offer extra prizes for all ye lads/lassies dressed as pirates! Shiver me timbers, what a weekend!


Jun 25 - 27 2021
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