Under the Sea

Join us at the Friday night warm welcome campfire for some Turtle and Ocean Trivia and S’mores. Just
bring your roasting sticks, we’ll supply the rest! Start the day off Saturday with a cute turtle craft for
the little ones and a hike to explore Pine Haven’s lake to see how many turtles you can find. Later in the
day, relax and enjoy a visit from the Wetlands Institute where we will find out more about these cool
dudes who cruise the ocean. These ravishing reptiles elicit awe from all ages and grade levels. Students
will get a chance to meet a variety of turtles that are native to New Jersey, as well as explore various
hands-on turtle artifacts. Topics will include turtle anatomy, natural history, behaviors, adaptations, life
cycles and more. Students will also learn about the Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Project and get
some quality time with live adult terrapins and possibly hatchlings. Students will not be able to touch
the live turtles, however, there will be plenty of opportunities to view these amazing animals. Seafood
is in the air, enjoy a snack from our Seafood Food Truck. Remember to join us Sunday morning for a fun
game of a Fishy Bingo…


May 21 - 23 2021
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